Inclusion & Diversity

“Businesses that fail to prioritise diversity and inclusion will suffer, both commercially and morally.”

The need to create a diverse and inclusive environment within the Consumer industry is more important than ever and we all have a responsibility to make positive change for our future generations. We passionately believe that every organisation should be diverse and inclusive by definition and that these principles are integral to our executive search process. We do this by taking a broad view; one that includes gender, ethnicity, social mobility, sexual orientation and neurodiversity.

We want to harness environments where everyone is judged on their merits and capabilities, where every individual is inspired to be themselves and to flourish without fear, prejudice, or discrimination. Equality is about embracing the potential in everyone, where talent holds no boundaries.

Inclusion is no longer optional; it is business critical. Organisations will not be able thrive or transform unless they foster an inclusive culture. A company which is agile is more likely to achieve better business outcomes, and employees will be more engaged. Diversity will bear fresh ideas and perspectives, and ultimately better connection to customers.

We want our industry to be as vibrant, creative and innovative as it can be. We must reap the benefits of having diverse ideas, experiences and backgrounds. In addition to this, the omission of personality diversity from the conversation is a great oversight. We know and understand that diversity is more than just demographics, and recruit with diversity in behavioural preferences, motivators, and personality in mind.

Only when the right balance of Demographic Diversity and Personality Diversity are achieved, can organisations fully benefit from diverse and inclusive workforces.

Our commitments to I&D

  • It is immersed in what we do and how we behave.
  • We partner with external I&D experts.
  • Actively track diverse talent, building future pipelines.
  • Recruit and advise clients to hire using an unconscious bias.
  • Regular attendees of industry events.
  • Use of psychometric assessments in our search process

“Strength lies in differences, not in similarities.”


of companies have at least one LGBTQ+ leader at senior executive level (vs 27% in 2019)


of companies have at least one physically disabled leader at senior executive level (vs just 15% in 2019)


Optimise physical and mental wellbeing for more resilient, healthier and happier people


Embrace all forms of diversity to empower your people and benefit your business


Build a green economy and protect the future of our planet


Increase your customer base by leveraging a 24/7 global marketplace


Expand your network, build communities, attract and retain talent