Sustainability and ESG

“We believe that businesses that do good are good businesses.”

It has never been more important and urgent to focus on sustainability and the societal trends that we are seeing right now. ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) is here to stay, and to Boards across the globe it will be work in progress, both from output perspectives as well as metrics and governance initiatives.

The voices of the four stakeholders (employees, investors, customers and suppliers) will only become stronger and it will be down to the individual organisation to prioritise in the areas where they can excel and have meaningful long-term impact.

Consumers are looking to brands to help them mitigate their impact on the environment. Companies that don’t proactively change ahead of the climate crisis will be forced to change because of it.

We are seeing so many SMEs every month who are focusing on the topic of sustainability in the consumer sector. But it’s not only new kids on the block—not just millennials. Established companies can also drive their business and innovate based on the topic of sustainability. An incredible 78% of consumers are concerned about the environmental impact of the products they buy.

Ultimately, all stakeholders and consumers want to be part of something worthwhile and to support something they believe in. Research shows that employees are 75% more likely to stay with companies longer when they affiliate with what the company stands for and represents, whilst 52% of global shoppers are more likely to purchase from a company with shared values.

Trust is a widespread societal issue, businesses who are centred around creating a trusting and nurturing environment will be the ones who benefit longer term. It’s no longer enough for companies to say they are ethical. Consumers need to see evidence and consistent messaging from the brands they support and aspire to work with. Businesses also need to be transparent with their weaknesses and demonstrate a clear strategy in rectifying them.

Social Responsibility and ESG are areas close to our hearts at TalentPool Executive. We pride ourselves in partnering with ‘businesses for good’ but also by our own actions and commitments. The Director of our Executive Division has volunteered with less privileged communities on three continents and works with the industry charity (Grocery Aid) as a Welfare Ambassador.

We believe that giving back is vitally important and we are proud to be part of the B1G1 Community, supporting child literacy, poverty, and wildlife around the world. For more information on our affiliated causes, please visit our IMPACT page.

“Sustainability isn’t just about doing less harm.
It’s about doing more good.”


of consumers are mindful of the
environmental impacts of their
purchased goods


Optimise physical and mental wellbeing for more resilient, healthier and happier people


Embrace all forms of diversity to empower your people and benefit your business


Build a green economy and protect the future of our planet


Increase your customer base by leveraging a 24/7 global marketplace


Expand your network, build communities, attract and retain talent