Relationships In Our Communities

“The strength of a community is best measured by the compassion of it’s members, working towards the same goals.”

Giving Back

As a business, we practice sustainable policies wherever possible and we like to make both personal and company impacts with various charities.

We are proud to be part of B1G1, with a pecetnage of our profits donated to suppporting various causes. Since partnering with B1G1, we have made over 2,000 positive contributions across the globe in the benefit of: the environment, child literacy and animal welfare.

The Director of our Executive business has worked as a Welfare Assessor with our industry charity, Grocery Aid for several years, and has also volunteered with less privileged communites on 3 different continents.

Additional services we offer include:


Executive Search is our speciality, but it is not the only string to our bow. We also actively support and advise the Founders and Leadership teams of several start-ups and SMEs.

Which is just as well, given how the Consumer Goods sector is bursting with innovation. As a result, we take immense pleasure in meeting inspirational entrepreneurs and always want to hear about fresh investment opportunities. Then, functioning as part of a consortium with key industry figures, we work with the brand owners to bring concepts to market.

Though we are mostly interested in minority shareholdings, we have access to funding from Private Equity groups, enabling us to make substantial investments.

Our investment portfolio includes:


Optimise physical and mental wellbeing for more resilient, healthier and happier people


Embrace all forms of diversity to empower your people and benefit your business


Build a green economy and protect the future of our planet


Increase your customer base by leveraging a 24/7 global marketplace


Expand your network, build communities, attract and retain talent