Wellbeing & Mental Health

“People are the most important part of any business.”

Depression and anxiety are now the leading causes of long-term absence at work. Which means up to 60% of people in work environments are experiencing significant mental health issues. It is proven that engagement and performance are related to employee wellbeing. Looking after your employees will have a significantly positive impact on your business performance. When we are going through a challenging time, we often don’t need someone to fix it, we just need someone to understand it.

Organisations are getting better in creating safe environments for their employees to be more vocal about their struggles, but we are still early into this journey. The majority of businesses now have dedicated Mental Health first aiders amongst their ranks to act as a support for those who need it as both employers and employees recognise the significance.
We believe that offering better benefits packages in terms of mental health and therapy will become more prevalent in the workplace as employers try to alleviate stress for employees and compete for top talent.

From a Consumer perspective, people are feeling more vulnerable than ever right now and are seeking a greater sense of control. Consumers need clarity, transparency, and increased options available to them, to make decisions that suit their ever-changing needs and circumstances. They want to know more about their product choices and that they deliver on what they promise. Additionally, brands are recognising the importance of uplifting people during times of uncertainty and distress, and the role they can play in this process. For the foreseeable future, consumers will continue to rely on brands to enable them to escape their everyday worries, stresses and boredom.

Our team are undertaking ongoing training and learnings on Mental Health in the workplace and working in partnership with external bodies who can support our clients and our internal teams in this area. Internally, we have various programs available to ensure our teams have full support with maintaining their mental and physical health.

"No one should struggle in silence. It’s okay not to be okay.”

Whilst the majority of Consumer
businesses are committed to
wellness programmes,


of staff still feel their
employer’s culture does
not enable wellbeing


Optimise physical and mental wellbeing for more resilient, healthier and happier people


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Build a green economy and protect the future of our planet


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